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Breaking Down TradesAI: Trendlines

TradesAI Trendlines

The TradesAI Trendlines tool is a powerful feature that simplifies the process of drawing and analyzing trendlines on virtually any chart. It utilizes a complex machine learning algorithm to automatically identify and extend relevant trendlines based on specific rules for each candlestick. This forms part of our Elite Indicator, found on TradingView.

The tool allows users to select a starting point, and it will then automatically extend the trendlines accordingly. This feature saves time for experienced traders by automating the trendline drawing process, and it also helps beginners bypass the learning curve associated with manual trendline drawing.

Three Main States

The algorithm behind the TradesAI Trendlines tool has three main states for the trendlines:

Initial: The trendline has not yet been tested, meaning the price has not broken through and closed a candle beyond it, triggering a re-adjustment.

Broken: A candle has hard closed (opened and closed) across the trendline, but the direction of the trend is maintained with a new trendline from the same origin.

Final: A candle has hard closed across the trendline, and a new trendline cannot be drawn from the same origin while maintaining the direction of the trend. This marks the end of the trendline adjustment for that origin.

The tool continuously monitors and adjusts the trendlines in real-time to adapt to changing market conditions. It also offers the ability to switch between log and linear scales, as well as the option to display all forms of trendlines, final trendlines, or backside trendlines.

Liquidity Zones

One of the key benefits of the TradesAI Trendlines tool is its ability to identify "Liquidity Zones" on the chart, which serve as potential indicators for market reactions. By automatically extending trendlines from specific pivot points, the tool helps traders pinpoint crucial areas of support and resistance.

The TradesAI Trendlines tool can be seamlessly integrated with other trading tools, such as Order Blocks and Market Structure Breakouts, to create a more comprehensive trading strategy. This integration enhances the overall effectiveness of the trading process and can potentially improve the probability of successful trades.

In summary, the TradesAI Trendlines tool is a valuable asset for traders of all skill levels, offering time-saving automation, user-friendly features, and the ability to identify key market structures that can inform trading decisions.

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