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Trading indicators to automate your trading and increase your profits significantly.

TradesAI: The Ultimate Technical Trading Indicator Suite
TradesAI: Technical analysis

TradesAI: The Ultimate Technical Trading Indicator Suite by Hadi Aladdin 

Welcome to TradesAI, the world's leading trading indicator product suite that's designed to make your trades more instant, accurate, and trustworthy. Whether you're a novice or an expert trader, we've got the tools that you need. TradesAI promises instant trades, eliminates guesswork, and adds an extra level of accuracy in your trades.

In this article, we'll introduce you to the game-changing features and the visionary minds behind it all – Owen Morton (Founder) and Hadi Aladdin (Co-Founder). You'll discover why TradesAI stands out from the crowd and how it can save you time and boost your precision.  

Hadi Aladdin: A Visionary in Trading 

One of the key differentiators of TradesAI is the brain behind the innovation, Hadi Aladdin. As a leader in the trading world, Hadi's expertise has been recognized and featured in various media outlets. His collaborative work with Owen Morton, an expert at leading business through growth and success, adds an extra layer of reliability to TradesAI, making our users feel completely secure.  

What is TradesAI?

At TradesAI, we take immense pride in our superior-quality indicators. We are committed to delivering a trading environment that's built on transparency, precision, and data-driven insights. Our suite of technical trading indicators is not just advanced; it's superior. TradesAI's offering goes above and beyond.  

Our indicators were crafted by traders, for traders. We've developed tools that not only save you precious time but also provide unmatched accuracy.  

TradesAI is not just about indicators; it's about a comprehensive trading ecosystem. Apart from our outstanding suite of indicators, we also provide community support, education, and live trading signals to make your trading journey smooth and successful. 

Not sure where to start? 

Our FREEMIUM indicator gives you the opportunity to get familiar with the precision and simplicity of our indicators. Specifically, this indicator allows you to manually pick pivot points on your chart and draw the most relevant trendlines from them. There are no limitations, no hidden costs, and no restrictions on the number of times you can use it. 

Meet TradesAI Elite 

Our star offering, TradesAI Elite, is a Premium indicator that combines three of our top-notch indicators into one powerful trading suite. It leverages proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based algorithms to draw Trendlines, identify Market Structure Breakouts (MSB), and highlight Order Blocks (OBs) on your charts. 

TradesAI Trendlines 

This AI-driven indicator automatically draws the most relevant trendlines on your chart. It distinguishes between supply and demand candlesticks to determine the origin points for upward and downward trendlines. Unlike traditional trendline tools, our AI-powered indicator is devoid of human error and subjectivity. Besides, it continuously monitors trendlines in real-time, ensuring they adapt to the ever-changing price structure. 

TradesAI Market Structure Breakout

The Market Structure Breakouts Indicator detects specific patterns on trading charts and provides take-profit regions based on the extended direction of the identified pattern. What differentiates this indicator is that it identifies patterns that may not appear on every timeframe and offers take-profit regions, even allowing for trading in the opposite direction once those regions are reached. By visualizing multiple levels of interest, traders are given the opportunity to make more informed decisions that, at the same time, can suit their own trading style. 

TradesAI Order Blocks 

Order Blocks not only represent zones of support and resistance on trading charts where liquidity is present. Our AI-driven indicator marks Full Range Zones and Order Blocks and uses a smart tracking algorithm to remove the appropriate levels.  

Order Blocks are instrumental in constructing effective trading strategies, aligning perfectly with the "ladder" concept. Here, the strategy revolves around seizing opportunities within the "Untested Levels" while the chart maintains its prevailing trend, offering the potential for higher win rates or quick scalps. 

TradesAI is your trusted partner. Trade smart, TradesAI. 

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