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order blocks

Breaking Down TradesAI: Order Blocks (OB) and Reversal Order Blocks (ROB)

The TradesAI tool is powered by a sophisticated technical analysis element known as Order Blocks (OB) and Reversal Order Blocks (ROB) , designed to identify key zones of support and resistance on trading charts where liquidity is concentrated, often referred to as “potential institutional interest zones”. This tool forms part of our Elite Indicator, found […]
market structure breakout

Breaking Down TradesAI: Market Structure Breakout (MSB)

What Is Market Structure Breakout (MSB)? The TradesAI indicator offers a power-packed suite of trading tools, and one of the standout components is the Market Structure Breakout (MSB) indicator, available on TradingView. This powerful element is designed to detect specific patterns on charts and provide “take profit” regions based on the extended direction of the […]

Breaking Down TradesAI: Trendlines

Trendlines is a powerful tool that automates the process of discovering and connecting trendlines. Read how it helps boost your trading profitability.
trading tools

Choosing the Right Trading Tools with TradesAI

Learn how the TradesAI trading tools can elevate your trading game. This guide explores various types of tools and platforms, and spotlights how TradesAI can be your greatest asset when approaching financial markets.
TradesAI: Technical analysis

Understanding Technical Analysis

Explore technical analysis with TradesAI as your guide. Learn how to read price action and apply it to generate profit across all asset classes.
how to buy btc on kraken

How to Buy Bitcoin on Kraken

Kraken is one of the oldest and most-trusted Bitcoin exchanges. A veteran in the crypto space, Kraken transacts more than $500 million worth of Bitcoin every day. Learn how to buy Bitcoin on Kraken with our simple step-by-step guide.
how to buy btc on coinbase

How to Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase

Buying Bitcoin is easy with Coinbase - the largest US cryptocurrency exchange. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps of making your first Bitcoin purchase on Coinbase. Learn more.
market structure breakout

How to Use TradesAI

Start learning about TradesAI in minutes. Welcome to the TradesAI documentation guide. Click any of the sections below to learn how to use our premium toolkits and elevate your trading experience with TradesAI. 1. TradesAI Premium Indicators A. Trendlines B. Market Structure Breakouts C. Order Blocks and Reversal Order Blocks 2. TradesAI Premium Signals 1. […]

Crypto Trading Tools: A Comparative Analysis

Traders need cutting-edge tools to navigate the volatility and complexity of crypto markets. Learn more about the right tools for your crypto trading.

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